Brought together by Parivartan Sandesh Foundation, the Center for Socially Youth is made up of over 5,000 grassroots organisations, all working to tackle digital and social exclusion by providing people with the skills and confidence they need to access digital technology.

A social movement with vision to : Develop Yourself

Brought together by PSF & Center for Socially Youth is made up to tackle digital and social exclusion by providing people with the skills and confidence they need to access digital technology. These initiatives will help the people to overcome social challenges, building a digitally included society and supporting people to grow their essential skills & greatest needs.

Spreading Dignity


Year 2017-2018 Project:- Computer Center Project Status:- Under Process Annual Cost:- 3,00,000 approx Project Details:-To Skilled the girls and boys with Computer Education to get more chances to become an earning source of their family.

Anna Patra (A Feeding Vessel)

Year 2017-2018 Project:-Delhi Project Details:- Program is based on a single vision that “No child in India shall be devoid of education because of hunger”. Under project PSF will associate with primary schools located at slums to reach most deprived section of children and to serve them mid-day meal. Children will serve nutritious food such as Daal, Roti, Rice, Milk and Green Vegetables as per settled Menu.

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We want to know your views on this year’s conference. Tell us which key topics you want to see covered – and more! Feedback represents your reputation as an socially Youth member.Feedback is inherent to all interactions, whether human-to-human, human-to-machine, or machine-to-machine.


“Thanks so much for helping us with our fundraiser. We could easily reach you when we had questions, and your staff was very friendly and helpful.”

Jitender Sharma

“Here is payment for the candle fundraiser. Thank you so much. We enjoyed using your company. It was fun and easy.Thank you so much for your help”

Sakshi Sinha

“Thank you so much for your help. I will be using you in the future when I do a fundraiser and I will tell anyone that is wanting to do a fundraiser that they need to go through you.”

Abhishek Singh

our team

Mukesh Garg

Mukesh Garg has previously worked in socially youth companies to identify and work alongside the economically and socially deprived- starting with children, so that they become educated, and aware with society.


Mr. Dinesh Kumar Tiwari has done B.Sc. and currently working with PerkinElmer as Director Sales & Marketing – India & South Asia & focused on improving human and environmental health, for the better.


Mr. Rajiv Pawar has done B. Tech from New Delhi India and has 15 years vast sales experience in various fields of Banking and insurance sector. Presently. He joined NGO services to help the poor people.

Meenu Arora

Meenu Arora has work experience including Socially-youth, Education, Retail, Food, Telco, IT, Healthcare, Real Estate etc to deserving youth to be self-reliant and to enjoy a healthy, dignified and sustainable quality of life.


At CSY Youth, we think digital skills and local community support can make a real difference in helping people into the right employment.

Jobseekers are one of the largest groups seeking support at our Online Centres; the introduction of Universal Job match and Universal Credit has galvanised a need for career oriented skills along with basic digital skills. However, the help centres offer isn’t just confined to Universal Job requirements. All of our centres support people with a wide-ranging package of support, which may include employment skills, financial management, and wellbeing, according to need.

But the market requires expertises of particular fields with practical trainings to deliver required results to the industries. With association of Parivartan Sandesh Foundation, CSY Youth is supporting poor & deserving candidates to upgrade their skills through providing sponsorships to get Career Oriented Trainings from other Polytechnics & institutes of India. This initiative will enhance the opportunities for the candidates to get reputed posts in the industry.

Center for Socially Youth is a method of raising capital through the collective effort of friends, family, customers, and individual investors. This approach taps into the collective efforts of a large pool of individuals—primarily online via social media and crowdfunding platforms—and leverages their networks for greater reach and exposure.

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